Sunday, 18 September 2011

My makeup brushes

i still will probally get more brushes, but right now, and i know i dont have alot, these are my makeup brushes, they are super soft and easy to use, i am still lookign forward to getting mac brushes too.

and thats it! sorry guys if this was too long, but anyways,
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REVEIW: Philosophy Birthday Girl set

sorry guys, i have no idea where any of these products are, so I'm just going to describe them to you, and show you the box. i came with a full size vanilla birthday cake lip gloss, and a small but still a Farley big size of the birthday cake shampoo/ body wash. so, the lip gloss smells Delicious! and also tastes amazing! i cant even describe to you guys how much i love it. the shampoo is ok, the smell doesn't last in my hair that long, but when it does it smell so, so, so good. this was $20 btw.

this is the box
this is the little girl on the front.

and this is the bow on the top.

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REVEIW: Benefits remove it

Benefits remove it, is the best makeup remover i have ever used! yes it is a bit expensive ($25) but the bottle is gorgeous and the product works wonders! a little goes a long way, it removes my waterproof and non waterproof makeup off quickly, and moisturizes my face at the same time. i woke up and felt my face, and it was super soft. i love it!

this is the bottle
this is the label

and this is the cap.

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REVEIW: Marc Jacob Daisy Perfume

The Daisy perfume has a very pleasant scent, I'm never really sure how to explain perfume, but it has a floral type of smell, and good for summer, i would definitely recommend this perfume! and i LOVE the bottle!

this is the flowers on top
the bottle

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REVEIW: Too Faced Bronzers

i have too of these bronzer's one in pink leopard and the other in chocolate souflee. they are both wonderful! one of my favourite bronzer's. the pink leopard is shimmery and gives you a suddle glow, as the chocolate souflee is matte, and just works as a daily bronzer.

the outside of them.
this is the back of them.
this is inside of them.

swatches! <3 on the left is pink leopard and on the right is chocolate sou flee

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REVEIW: Maybelline Eyestudio

i bought this eyeshadow, really for no reason, just because i liked the colours. this is an okay eyeshadow, Ive seen better. i really like the looks of it inside the packaging, on the eye its, whatever.

this is outside of it
opening up


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REVEIW: Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush 20 peach stain

Hey guys! sorry that i haven't been on for forever. its just since school has started everything has been total work! ahah. well I'm here to do a review, so here it goes. i really want to say this is a cream blush, but no. it has like a mousse consistency, like it says in the label. its such  a pretty colour though, gives a nice glow and i think its really worth the $10. especially compared to $30-$40 at sephora or mac, even though i love those stores :).
this is what it looks like on the outside
the inside

and the swatch

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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Your Favourite Products.

this is just a quick post before i go to bed. i wanted to see what YOUR favourite products are. it could be from sephora, from mac, or even from the drugstore. i want you to put whats top on your list, and it doesn't matter how many there are, just comment! if i like it, ill buy it, and not only right a review on it after i buy it, but ill mention your name and recommend your blog for other people to visit, and follow.

so, please comment!