Friday, 21 October 2011

eyeshadow tutorial with a pop of colour!

i was just playing around with makeup this morning and then once i was done i decided i really like what i had done so i decided to do a tutorial on it! this just has a bit of colour in the corner of my eyes. oh and b the way in these photos it makes my eyes look green but my eye colour changes alot.. but they're usually blue :)

i used the UD 15 university palette!

and i used this row of colours.

on my lid i used the colour flow.

in my crease i used midnight 15

then in my "V zone" i used midnight rodeo
and to give it more depth i used chase

as the highlight for under my brow i used vanilla

and in the corner of my eyes i used deep end

around the blue i basically traced it with "white frost" from mac to open up my eyes for a fresh look

and to top the whole look off i used bad gal mascara
thx, comment!

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