Wednesday, 31 August 2011

REVEIW: Benefits Speed Brow

i got this at the same time as the creasless cream eye shadow. everytime i went to try on the makeup i would always try this on, it has colour in it so it tints my brows, and its also a gel, so it pulls them back. This is small so it was expensive for its price, $21. and it was only filled up 3/4 of the way.

this is the outside
this is the inside

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REVEIW: Benefits Creasless Cream Eyeshadow

I really wanted to try this to see if it actually doesn't crease. well it doesn't. i was really happy with this product. i got the one called R.S.V.P its a really pretty colour. the only thing i don't like about it, is the smell! it really does smell bad, but it goes away after a while.

this is the outside of it.
opening it up.
this is the swatch of it.
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REVEIW: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Block

Well my friend just came back from Disney land and i asked her to bring back the Bobbi brown shimmer block. since i live in Canada, Bobbi brown isn't in my sephoras. so she was so kind and brought it for me. :) i was sooo excited, and it is GORGEOUSSSS. it was everything i hoped for. it gives amazing colour for eyeshadow, but you have to layer it. and for a highlight.. UGH! its wonderful! i always get compliments on how good it looks.

this is the outside of it.
and this is the inside.. o btw i got the pink one haha i think its called rose.
and these are the swatches.. kind of hard to see.

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Friday, 26 August 2011

Yes they are small, but they make my day everyday, and anyday.

these are one of my favourite highlighter, primer, and illuminizer. they give you a radiant glow and work wonders! 1000 stars!

picture of all of them together.. sample size!
highbeam: shimmery white/pink
girl meets pearl: golden shimmer
that gal primer: pink glow
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REVEIW: Too Faced Natural eye palette

This palette has wonderful colours, some more pigmented then others. some with shimmer and super soft, and some with chunks of glitter. i give an all over 4 rating, because some are great and some are total crap! lol, its true. my favourite colours are silk teddy, push-up, honey pot, and cocoa puff. basically i don't really like the other colours.

this is the outside of the box

opening it up... the day section has terrible pigmentation, and colours.classic has two colours i like. and in the fashion section, nude beach has these chunks of glitter, which is horrible! but i adore the rest.
also, they come with these cards, that show day looks, classic looks, and fashion looks.
this is just a closeup of them. i love the colour in the middle, the gold one. (honey pot)


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Library makeup books

I Finaly went to the library after 3 years, because i owed the library $10 and i never really felt like it. ahhah. yeah well i finally did it and i got 4 books all on makeup, and one is from benefits that was a free think at the counter.

this is the benefits one.

this is a laura mercier book
this book is the hair and makeup book by marie claire

this book is the beautified book by kyan douglas

this book is cosmo's sexiest beauty secrets

hope you read these and tell me what you think of them.

REVEIW: Tarina Tarantino sparkle spray bottle

I do really like this, in my opinion it was to expensive for what it is. it was $50. the reason i bought it was because i wanted a perfume bottle, so one I'm done ill put perfume in it. I'd say the bottle totally sold me on it, but honestly i don't want my face super sparkly.

Gorgeous bottle.
I LOVVEEE the puff.

i really don't recommend this product unless your doing what I'm doing.

REVIEW: The weirdest, but most awesome body product!

The urban decay Cocoa sparkling lickable body powder is so cool, and bazaar! i chose the darkest  shade because it gave you a radiant bronze glow.the packaging is adorable, and i love the little tassel on top. the puff it comes with is sooo soft and i love how the handle says urban decay. there is lots of product in it and it tastes and smells delicious!!! every time i open it i smell this aroma of chocolate, UGH! YUMMMAYY. ahha.

outside of box! so cute.
opening it up
on my arm

REVEIW: products of the day

Ugh, well here's my day so far, i  already did this whole thing, and then my computer dies right before i was going to press post. i know. awful. so here i go again.

My products of the day are a Nars creme blush, in Cactus Flower, and a pigment by Jane Ciredule, that i got at Spa Utopia.
The creme blush is super soft and creamy! great pigmentation, and i LOVE the colour. its red with a gold shimmer! gorgeous! this cost around $34 at my local sephora.
The pigment is such a pretty colour! its champagne with sparkles! how could it get any better than that? I'm not sure how much i bought this for, but the price was around $15-$20.

This is the outside of both of them, the nars one is sleek, and the pigment is small, great for storing!
this is the inside of both of them, ain't they pretty?
this is the close up of Cactus Flower
This is a closeup of the Jane Ciredule pigment.
SWATCHES! who doesn't love 'em? great way to see if you love the colour before you buy it.
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REVIEW: NYX 5 colour eye shadow palette x 2

NYX is my favourite drugstore brand. they are good quality, very pigmented, soft, and gorgeous colours. NYX has now made 5 colour shadow palette, there's a variety, but i only have two. they are both from The Caribbean Collection. the pink palette is called I Dream Of Barbados. The brown palette is called I Dream Of St. Marteen. I love all the shades, it retails for about $15 each, which is a great deal for 5 eye shadows!

This is the front covers of both of them, i think the palm tree is so adorable!
these are the shades, arent they pretty?

closeup of the I Dream Of St. Marteen palette.

closeup of the I Dream Of Barbados palette

what are your fave nyx palettes?                                                                                

Thursday, 25 August 2011

John Frieda Sheer Blond controlled lightening spray

this lightening spray is awesome! Ive used it about 3 times and my hair is blonder and a lighter shade. after you have a shower u towel dry your hair, spritz this in where you want to go blonder and then blow dry and flat iron. (the more heat the better) also make sure you put in heat protection because you're applying lots of heat (which triggers the lightness) and don't want your hair to get damaged.

Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Bronze eyeshadow palette

This palette is amazing a drop dead gorgeous not only is the packaging sooo adorable but the shadow quality is magnificent! id have to say have the reason i got it, is that the packaging totally sold me. then i tested out the colours for pigmentation, and for the colours, i just had to get it! and so glad i did! they are all full sized, and i got it for $50. usually they cost about $20 each, so i saved $110! all the colours are...
 - Pearl
- Pearlized Nude
- Shimmering Bronze
- Matte Brown
- Pearlized Pink
- Taupe
- Turquoise
- Shimmering Brown

this is the front of the case, the only negative thing i have to say is the top print started to rub off. and i loved the cover when i bought it. but now i find that it has kind of a vintage look to it.
the next picture is of the colours, which are sooo pretty!
these are a few of the colours on my fingers

makeup forever eyeliners!!

the makeup forever eyeliners are A M A Z I N G ! they are so pigmented and sooo creamy! i have a white one for my tear drop and it really opens up the eyes. PLUS they're waterproof! how could it get any better than this?

01 green makeup forever primer vs 05 blue makeup forever primer

both these products are VERY good, they do exactly what they say they do. the green really tones down the redness, my mom has roseacae, so her cheeks are always red.. well not with this! and the blue gives you a radiant glow! 5 stars!

my travel makeup

i have a lot of sample sizes, which is great for traveling, but i also have a lot of full sizes. this is mostly for summer traveling.

1. sephora tinted mousturizer
2. nancy k brown total sunblock
3.benefit earase paste
4. toofaced bronzer
5. benefit that gal primer
6. benefit girl meets pearl illuminizer
7. urban decay eyeprimer
8. spa U topia lipbalm
9. revlon glow lushes mascara (waterproof)
10. makeup forever white eyeliner
11. nyx eyeshadow palette
12. clinique chubby stick- chunky cherry
13. nars cream blush- chunky cherry
hope you enjoyed

Buxom Mascara

I honestly thought i was going to like the Buxom mascara. and i really wanted to too. a bunch of my friends were saying how amazing it was but honestly the brush is good but the formula of the actual mascara is liquidy, and if you don't let it dry it will get smudged under your eye. it clumped my top eye lashes and i constantly needed to comb them out.
not a good mascara, but love the packaging.

Best way to wash your face, plus best acne cream.

Washing Face.

first put your fave face wash on wash it a one time with warm water, then another time with hot water then another time with really hot water. (the hot water opens up your pores) then you wash it again with normal temperature, and then with really cold water ( cold water closes your pores)

Acne Cream

My fave acne cream is Clean and Clear persa- gel 5. I got it and right away when i got home i applied it to a pimple. i watched a movie and took it off right after to see if it got anywhere... it was sooo amazing! it was half the size! my skin is now radiant and clear, and if i got any pimples, this just does the trick!


One of my best friends Claudia introduced me to this product. It's as simple as Vaseline. inexpensive and works like no other. put a little bit on your hand and then swipe it under water, (best under cold water so i doesn't open up your pores and let the oil of the Vaseline in.) rub your hands together and apply all over face. I do this BEFORE bed and in the morning make sure you take it off

top ten products i cant live without!

Why I love these

This was a hard one, but i narrowed it down to my fave 10. I chose these products because they never let me down.
  • 1) Urban Decay Primer Postion
  • 2) Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes - white
  • 3) Nars Creme Blush- Cactus Flower
  • 4) Too Faced Bronzer
  • 5) Buxom Mascara
  • 6) Benefit Girl Meets Pearl
  • 7) Philosophy lip gloss
  • 8) Benefit That Girl primer
  • 9) Benefit Poise Tint
  • 10) Clinique Chubby Stick- Chunky Cherry

introduction of me

i decided to start a blog because my friend recommended it, especially because i LOVE makeup. Not only that but also fashion, and clothing. this whole blog will be about all my favourite products, or ones i really want to try out. Also occasionally I'll write about fashion, and clothing.
So, i hope you enjoy this blog, and keep reading