Thursday, 25 August 2011

Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Bronze eyeshadow palette

This palette is amazing a drop dead gorgeous not only is the packaging sooo adorable but the shadow quality is magnificent! id have to say have the reason i got it, is that the packaging totally sold me. then i tested out the colours for pigmentation, and for the colours, i just had to get it! and so glad i did! they are all full sized, and i got it for $50. usually they cost about $20 each, so i saved $110! all the colours are...
 - Pearl
- Pearlized Nude
- Shimmering Bronze
- Matte Brown
- Pearlized Pink
- Taupe
- Turquoise
- Shimmering Brown

this is the front of the case, the only negative thing i have to say is the top print started to rub off. and i loved the cover when i bought it. but now i find that it has kind of a vintage look to it.
the next picture is of the colours, which are sooo pretty!
these are a few of the colours on my fingers

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