Friday, 26 August 2011

REVEIW: products of the day

Ugh, well here's my day so far, i  already did this whole thing, and then my computer dies right before i was going to press post. i know. awful. so here i go again.

My products of the day are a Nars creme blush, in Cactus Flower, and a pigment by Jane Ciredule, that i got at Spa Utopia.
The creme blush is super soft and creamy! great pigmentation, and i LOVE the colour. its red with a gold shimmer! gorgeous! this cost around $34 at my local sephora.
The pigment is such a pretty colour! its champagne with sparkles! how could it get any better than that? I'm not sure how much i bought this for, but the price was around $15-$20.

This is the outside of both of them, the nars one is sleek, and the pigment is small, great for storing!
this is the inside of both of them, ain't they pretty?
this is the close up of Cactus Flower
This is a closeup of the Jane Ciredule pigment.
SWATCHES! who doesn't love 'em? great way to see if you love the colour before you buy it.
thx! comment and follow!

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