Wednesday, 31 August 2011

REVEIW: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Block

Well my friend just came back from Disney land and i asked her to bring back the Bobbi brown shimmer block. since i live in Canada, Bobbi brown isn't in my sephoras. so she was so kind and brought it for me. :) i was sooo excited, and it is GORGEOUSSSS. it was everything i hoped for. it gives amazing colour for eyeshadow, but you have to layer it. and for a highlight.. UGH! its wonderful! i always get compliments on how good it looks.

this is the outside of it.
and this is the inside.. o btw i got the pink one haha i think its called rose.
and these are the swatches.. kind of hard to see.

thanks, comment and ask questions. :)

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