Monday, 14 November 2011

Cat Woman makeup!!

kay guys, so sorry for not posting in a long time, this was just a suppperr busy month. anyways I'm being cat woman for this dance thing, and these are 2 makeup looks but i will probally post more soon. and of coarse i will post the costume on soon too. it might be hard to see these pictures only because i took them on my mac, and sent them to Windows live and then put them in my album, so you might not be able to zoom, SORRY! haha. anyways i hope you enjoy, comment if you want me to show you how its done, and comment if you want me to do another haul for you guys!



OH! and by the way the only reason I'm covering my eye is because i don't have anything on that eye. and srry i look terrible in these pics!^^

k thx! comment
( hehe im kind of leaning towards the first one)

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